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So much more than adjustments

Dr. Paul Westby, DC

40+ Years of Connecting the Mind, Body and Health

Chiropractic: So much more than "adjusting"

Dr. Westby utilizes several chiropractic and healing modalities to assess, address and enable the body to begin it's own healing path. Every body is different. Every patient is unique. Every evaluation is tailored to you. Every healing brings the heart closer to a state of joy and satisfaction.

The Mission of Wellspring Integrated Healing

Dr. Westby looks beyond just the physical symptoms and addresses the potential causes, the root issues, in order to bring more wholeness to each patient


Each and every body ever born is unique. There are no two people exactly the same. Not even twins. Dr. Westby looks to assess each patient and their relationship with their own bodies.


The human mind is powerful and Dr. Westby utilizes it's power and connection with the body to help patients to better utilize their mind to bring a more holistic healing to their body.


After decades of treating patients, Dr. Westby has found a tremendous correlation between each persons emotional state, connection to their body and mental awareness to empower patients to improve their overall health and joy.

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